Your Cyber Insurance Guru


Our Vision 
We believe that time is our most valuable asset.  This belief drives us to focus on ways to simplify the insurance process.  We take products that are complex and make them easier to understand and we take processes that are time consuming and make them more efficient.  We do this so that our insurance partners can save time and focus on what they need to do.

Our Mission
To achieve our vision we constantly improve our processes and the technology that we use.  We take insurance carrier underwriting manuals and simplify the rating process and eliminate unnecessary questions.  We use technology to eliminate duplicate entry along the way.  We provide underwriting services on behalf of multiple carriers, so that our agents and brokers can come to one place for multiple options.  Our culture and management allows us to focus on simplifying the insurance process.

Our History
ProWriters was originally formed in 2008 to serve the E&O interests of financial service firms.  Since its inception, ProWriters has worked exclusively through insurance agents and brokers and is continuously looking to increase its distribution throughout all states.

ProWriters has underwriting authority for several highly-rated, national insurers and brokerage relationships with several others who we access when needed.  This allows ProWriters to be a true partner with our appointed brokers.


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